16 June 12

Posted: 16 June 2012 in Uncategorized

10 rounds, each for time of:

15 Push-ups
Sprint 60 yards
Rest 60 seconds

Post times to comments.

  1. trk4500 says:

    Wife: 30 mins, Rx’d.
    Me: 26:36, 7 rounds. (will never live this down)

  2. Thats what I call a good motivator Charlie!

  3. trk4500 says:

    I would say I have 60lbs on her, but that would be a LAME EXCUSE! I agree with you Mark, WORK HARDER!

  4. 0:23, 0:24, 0:23, 0:24, 0:24, 0:23, 0:23, 0:23, 0:23, 0:22. Total time with rests was 12:52, Rx’ed.

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